100% waterproof design electric livestock prods

Apr 08, 2020

Many farms need to catch pigs, and there are many ways to catch pigs. However, since pigs do not have sweat glands, heat dissipation is performed by panting. With the traditional pig driving method, not only the staff will be tired, but also the pig will suffer heat stress and cause the pig to die out of breath. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, there are pig catchers.

The working principle of the pig drive is to stimulate the pig to advance through the current. Will the current of the electric pig drive hurt the pig? The answer is no, because the current of the electric pig catcher is very weak, and it will not harm the pig if it is used at a safe voltage.

Farmates's electric pig catcher adopts 100% waterproof design, and the weak current design can easily catch pigs without harming the pigs. The 100% waterproof design allows pig catchers to be used in rainy and wet weather. Not only for pig farmers, but also for cattle, sheep and herdsmen.

Introduction of Farmates' Electric Livestock Prods

                                                New rechargeable cattle products
electric livestock prods

Product Numbers: XPRBH-F

Advantages and functions:
•  Rechargeable (2200Mah lithium battery)
•  Automatic power-off design, the shutdown time only takes 1 s
•  The product has low power and low energy consumption, so the battery has a long service life
•  Buzz when activated
•  Humanized on / off design to ensure that users will not accidentally trigger the switch
•  Equipped with 33 cm, 58 cm, 71 cm, 84 cm, 109 cm shatterproof polycarbonate shafts
•  Dedicated to animal husbandry

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