Animal Behavior and Restraint

Apr 28, 2019

Swine are gregarious and social animals. They have a natural tendency to follow each other and maintain visual or body contact. Isolation from a social group is very stressful for pigs. They will establish a social order, with one animal becoming the dominant individual for the group. If a pig is removed or added, the group will fight to re-establish social order. 


Swine have an inquisitive nature and spend much of their time in forage-related activities, such as rooting, grazing and exploring with their snout.  ·

They like to chew on objects, including each other’s ears or tails at times. Pigs are unable to sweat and are therefore very susceptible to hot temperatures or conditions. Avoid handling animals under these conditions. Pigs have a strong natural urge to escape.Small gaps between pens, alleys, ramps, side gates, chutes, may encourage a pig to escape. During these escape attempts, pigs frequently injure themselves. Swine prefer lighted areas, opposed to darkness; this can be used to encourage movement (e.g., facilitate loading). 

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