Electric Dehorner Dehorning Cattle Helps Cattle Grow Better

Jul 22, 2020

Regardless of domestic pastures or foreign pastures, the horns of the farmed cattle will be cut off at an early age. Some people may think that this is a great harm to the calf, but it is not the case. Helping the calf to cut off the horns is precisely to make it grow better. 

In the daily breeding process, cows often hurt people with their horns or stabbed by the horns when the cows fight. Horned cows fight with each other during the breeding process, which can easily damage the body, eyes, udders, etc. of other cows, which will affect the growth and development of the cows, reduce the value of the cows, and cause unnecessary economic losses. As the most lethal weapon on cattle, horns can cause huge damage to humans and other animals. In order to effectively reduce the damage caused by cattle to humans and other animals, it also reduces the impact of horns on stocking personnel and personnel in daily management operations. The threat posed by the veterinarian, the breeder will help the calf cut off the horns.

The electric dehorner dehorning cattle produced by Farmates Electronics Inc is a good tool for removing horns. The electric deangler is light in weight, easy to carry, simple to operate, and very convenient to use. Secondly, the device has a very high heat output, the highest temperature can reach 650 ℃, press this electric dehorner evenly on the base of the horn until the lower tissue burns to white, so that the horn can fall off. Next we take a look at the detailed parameters of this product.
Product Name: Calf Dehorner
Our Item No: XPED
• about 33 cm total length
• dehorning cattle head about 18.5 cm
• incl. stainless steel dehorning tip Ø 18 mm
• very high heat output and considerable reserve power of dehorning tip (heating cartridge is located inside the dehorning tip)
• easy to handle due to little weight
• ergonomically shaped handle
stainless steel
technical data  
voltage: 230 V
output: 200 W
maximum temperature: 650 °C
heating time: approx. 3 min.
cable length: 3.0m

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