Personal protection should be done when doing livestock feed such as cattle and sheep

May 23, 2019

Nowadays people are increasingly demanding meat, because eating some meat can supplement the body's various nutrients and energy. In particular, beef and mutton have a nourishing effect on people, so there are now a lot of farmers doing livestock feed such as cattle and sheep. However, for farmers, it is necessary to do personal protection work when doing livestock feed. Otherwise, it is easy to infect some animal diseases, causing some harms such as zoonosis. In fact, there are many examples. Let me introduce you to some preventive measures to prevent zoonosis.

First, when doing livestock feed, you must wear overalls and do personal protection work. First, wearing work clothes while feeding livestock can develop a conditional reflex for animals. Whenever you see a feeding person wearing a overalls, it will increase their appetite and increase their use, which will speed up the growth of the body. One more, wearing overalls is the basis for personal protection. Because some diseases are in a recessive stage a few days ago, it is also a harm to yourself if they are infected.

Second, we must do a good job in animal husbandry. When farmers buy livestock, they should be allowed to provide information on immunization, which is a necessary condition for purchasing healthy livestock. Animals should be given an immunization before they enter the farm, which can greatly reduce the incidence of infection. In the whole breeding process of livestock, it is necessary to carry out timely immunization according to their immunization methods, which can enhance the resistance of livestock and reduce the occurrence of some diseases.

Third, if a disease occurs, timely treatment should be provided for the infected animals. If it cannot be treated, it must be promptly eliminated and killed, so as to control the epidemic and avoid causing greater economic losses to the farmers. Moreover, it is not edible or is fed to animals such as dogs and cats. For other uninfected livestock to be actively prevented and treated, it is likely to infect some of the early stage of the recessive virus, which can reduce the loss of farmers.

Fourth, when it comes to contact with livestock, such as animal husbandry, it is necessary to use cattle immobilizer to do personal protection work. Use animal dehorners to protect them when they are in zero contact with them. For example, when checking their bodies, or when treating and isolating sick animals, they must do their personal protection work. Also, when giving birth to these animals, for the placenta, or other excrement, do not touch directly with the hands, be sure to do a good job of protection.

Fifth, for the living environment of livestock, regular cleaning and disinfection should be carried out, not only for their troughs and sinks, but also for the entire environment of the enclosure, the fences and other utensils, and even the entire farm environment. Disinfection, so as to eliminate the breeding of some bacteria. The manure of these livestock animals should be treated harmlessly, and the method of stacking fermentation can be adopted. Farmers must conduct regular physical examinations for farmed animals and staff throughout the farm, and once an infection is discovered, they must be promptly isolated for treatment.

When farmers doing livestock feed, such as cattle and sheep, these protective measures can effectively eliminate many problems.

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