Tail Butt - Piglet Gas Tail Docker

Feb 13, 2020

For various reasons, pigs may bite each other's tails. This can lead to infections, spinal abscesses, severe pain, la lines and car body condemnation.If other management methods are not working, your veterinarian may recommend docking the tail to prevent tail biting. If tail docking is recommended, its necessity must be reviewed regularly (quarterly) as part of the department's veterinary health plan, and a concerted effort must be made to provide actionable material in all pens.

Tail docking equipment
Ensure that the operator is familiar with the manufacturer's instructions.
Check if the blade is clean and heated properly.
Check if the battery is charged or has a sufficient gas tank.
Faders must be dedicated to this process and not for cutting teeth, make sure they are sharp and clean.
Pack equipment and materials in a belt bag or transport container before entering the farrowing area to ensure that the operator is separated from the sow.

Work outline
Don't try to cut like scissors, but let the heat burn, and fix the equipment container in a safe and convenient place in the first delivery room or shed.
Collect all piglets into a storage container, make sure the cautery blade is fully heated, then pick up the piglets on the hind legs above the hock or around the hips, keeping the tail stable during operation.
Gently squeeze the piglet gas tail docker to remove the proper length of the tail. Clippers should be disinfected in time when used on different piglets.
Regularly inspect and remove debris from the cautery blades and rails using a designated wire brush.
Make sure all tails are evenly docked in one unit, so it's useful to have a mark on the fader to indicate the standard docking length of the device.
Record the incidence of tail bites in a timely manner so that there is the latest evidence that the docking needs to continue. If tail biting continues in docked pigtails, other suggestions and measures should be sought to help resolve the issue.

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