The Use of Cattle Shock Prods

Jul 22, 2020

With the development of science and technology, every industry is developing, and they are using new tools suitable for their production. The traditional animal husbandry method of driving cattle with sticks or whips is no longer applicable in this era. Such methods can easily cause injuries and illnesses to the cattle, and even lead to the death of the cattle, which is easy to cause losses. In order to better drive cattle, people have developed cattle shock prods to make it easier for people to drive cattle.
Many people may think that the use of electric shock sticks is more harmful to the cattle, but it is not. The cow electric shock stick produced by Farmates Electronics Inc uses a copper head to pass electric current to stimulate the body of the cow to replace the traditional method of driving the cow with a stick to avoid damage and scars to the cow. An apron is arranged inside the joint to better waterproof and protect the body. The rechargeable handle with 1800Mah nickel-cadmium battery can work for a long time. Next, let's take a look at the specific parameters of XPRBH-B-bull electric shock stick produced by Farmates Electronics Inc.

Product Name: Cattle Shock Prods

Our Item No: XPRBH-B


With rechargeable (1800Mah Ni-Cd battery) handle

• with automatic shut-off 1 s
• long battery service life thanks to low energy consumption
• buzzing sound when activated
• on/off switch ensures that the trigger will not be activated accidentally
• equipped with break-proof polycarbonate shaft of 33 cm,58cm,71cm,84cm,109 cm
• exclusively for use in animal husbandry as per applica

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